shadow 108 CT

– 450/100 وات با 8 اهم امپدانس و 124 دسی بل شدت صوت -پوشش صوتی 90×60° -بدنه پلی اتیلن بسیار مقاوم دربرابر اشعه uv و گرد و خاک



باند 450 وات shadow 108 CT

Multipurpose 8” Coax

450W/8ohm – 124dB SPL

• 8” coaxial woofer with 2” coil and 1” HF driver with 1.4” coil on conical 90° horn

• 100V line transformer with selectable100W/50W power tapping

• Sturdy molded polyethylene curved enclosure

• Steel U bracket and other included hardware accessories

• 4 wires cable to select the desired power tapping

• Water-stop grill with 3 layers of protection

• IP55 weather resistant

• Standard grey finish

• RAL 7011

It provides excellent music and speech reproduction in a compact enclosure, ensuring a clear intelligibility, with very low distortion also over long distances. Its wide range, smooth frequency response and high efficiency ensure high quality music reproduction and make this system suitable for a variety of applications, such as athletic fields or arenas,  amusement parks, swimming pools, cruise ships, convention centers, ballrooms and in general for outdoor background music and paging systems.


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