ADJ Magic 260

– 16 channels per fixture – Backup and update via USB – Effects generator – Large fixture profile library – 1 scene & 1 show simultaneously

adjADJ Magic 260

The Magic 260 is a 19-inch rack mount DMX controller that`s perfect for lighting users with mid-level needs, such as neighborhood clubs, discos and professional DJs. With 260 DMX channels, the Magic 260 can control up to 48 DMX-compatible moving lights. It can store up to 24 x 48 scenes and 264 shows. It comes equipped with a large library of pre-installed profiles for Elation Professional and American DJ moving light fixtures plus other brand name lighting fixtures so users don`t have to spend time programming their own.

– PAN/TILT Joystick
– ۴ data wheels for moving light control and data entry
– ۳ pin DMX Output
– ۲۶۴ total moving light channels
– On/Off buttons for switch pack control
– Internal fixture library
– Control up to 24 fixtures (up to 16 channels each)
– ۱۱۵۲ programmable scene
– ۲۶۴ programmable shows
– MIDI Input and Thru
– ۲۴ multi function buttons
– USB input for optional work light or memory stick
– ۸۰ character backlit LCD display for easy programming
– Audio input
– Internal microphone
– Go button for manual show triggering
– Master fader for moving light dimmer control
– Separate speed and fade faders
– Help button for recording scenes and shows
– Effects engine includes circle, figure 8 and pan & tilt movement with wave effect capability
– Pan/Tilt and Radius adjustment for built in effects engine
– U-Link cable included,
– Power: 9-12VDC, 500mA
– Dimension (LxWxH): 483x179x102mm
– Weight: 4.5 kg

adj magic 260




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