A1000 Animation Laser Light Equipment

RGB animation laser light equipment

۱٫ SD card (optional), write or edit any words, lines or drawing you want in easy way.
۲٫۱ W RGB full colors anmation laser light, many cute animatin patterns in several colors.
۳٫ Patterns size adjustable by the button on the back of lights.

۱٫ Laser power: Red500mw, Green200mw, Violet Blue 300mw
۲٫ Laser color: Full colors
۳٫ Wave length Green 532nm, red 300nm, blue 445nm
۴٫ Power supply: 100V-250V
۵٫ Frequency: 50-60Hz
۶٫ Play mode: Sound-controlled, auto, DMX512, Ilda PC, Master/Slave
Applied in family party, DJ room, KTV, Disco, Club, Opera House, Stage Performance, Theme Park, etc

Ingleby lighting, specialized in laser stage light, like RGB animation laser light, animation equipment, single color animation lasr lights, step motor laser light, beam laser light, laser net, mini laser disco lights, LED magical ball, etc.

Why choose us: 

-Price: We are factory and able to offer better price than trade company;

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-On time delivery: Delivery the goods in the confirmed time;

-Professional seller: Good communication in patient and well know our products;

-No MOQ asked.

-OEM: Welcome.

.Model: IGB-A1000RGB
۲٫laser power: ۱۰۰۰mW ( red 500mw; green 200mw, blue 300mw)
۳٫laser color: red, green and blue
۴٫wave length red 650nm, green 532nm,blue 450nm
۵٫power supply: ۱۰۰V-250V
۶٫frequency: ۵۰-۶۰HZ
۷٫play mode: sound-controlled,auto,DMX512,Ilda pc, Master/Slave
۸٫laser pattern: more than 128 patterns and effects
۹٫scanner: high speed scanner 20 K
۱۰٫scanning angle: plus-minus 30 degree
۱۱٫ cool system: fan
۱۲٫ sability: about 4 hours
۱۳٫warm-up time: less than 15 minutes
۱۴٫working temperature: ۱۰°- ۳۵°
۱۵٫ Series: Animation Laser projector
۱۶٫ Guanrantee: one year


Cube Lighting


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