Montarboپاور میکسر مونتاربو ۴۵۹

The metal case: a piece of history which continues today.
The structure of the historical metal case with lids which, when open, act as supports was first designed and produced by Montarbo’s founder back in the 1960’s.
Since then this practical metal case has ‘hosted’ a range of increasingly perfected powered mixers becoming proof of continuous technological innovation and Montarbo’s symbol in musicians’ mind over the years.

۱۰ inputs / 8 channels  (۶ mono, 2 stereo)
۲۰۰+۲۰۰ W / 4 ohm

• ۲ built-in MosFet power amplifiers, 200 + 200 W continuous, each of them provided with Jack outputs, electronic protections, relays for delayed power-up sequence, and automatic trouble-shooting, providing a clean, reliable power with maximum accuracy even at the highest levels.

• The stereo channels allow to connect stereo instruments, increasing thus the operating flexibility of the system. The inputs are fitted with balanced XLRs for microphone, unbalanced jacks for line, 3-band equalization, peak Led, effect send, aux/monitor send, panpot (balance in the stereo channels) and channel volume faders.

• Built-in Montarbo Stereo Digital Effects Processor based on a 56-bit DSP with 18 bit Delta/Sigma conversion, this stereo digital processor lets you create infinite combinations of Reverb, Echo, Halo and even Reverb + Echo effects at the simple touch of two knobs.

• ۶-band stereo graphic equalizer.

• Auxiliary output with volume control. It can be used as monitor send or as an independent external effect send.

• Effect send for connection to an external effect.

• Stereo in/out PIN-Rca sockets for tape recorder, with volume-in control.

• Stereo insert sockets (pre-out/main-in) for external auxiliary equipment or further external amplification.