Montarboمیکسر مونتاربو MX20

میکسر مونتاربو

میکسر مونتاربو MX20

The MX mixer series has represented the Made in Italy quality for mixing consoles for many years.

These renewed versions, completly Italian madeare available in 20 and 28 channel versions, allowing you to discover the professionalism that Montarbo® has offered since the first portable “MB”.

The MX20 offers 20 inputs /16 channels ( 12 mono + 4 stereo)

Produced after years of studies showed it was possible to introduce a dual processor with 56

bit conversion δ/Σ۲۴-bit with more than 205 programs, a LCD display, 6 auxiliary outputs and a 10 band graphic equalizer on the master outputs, all controllable by 100 mm faders.




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