F-2 900W Smoke Machine
Model No.: F-2
Place of Origin:China
Certificate: CE&RoHS
Package: Carton
Description: Compact 900W smoke machine with excellent smoke production, making it ideal for various venues. Equipped with a high quality heating element and a built-in reservoir for smoke fluid. Supplied with remote control.900 smog machine is a perfect and steady smoke machine with circuitry design and strong times feeling.
Application: It is available for small to medium live concerts, TV studios, road shows, mobile DJ, clubs.

F-2 ۹۰۰W Smoke Machine

Power supply: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz

Power consumption: ۹۰۰W

Smoke output: ۵۰۰۰cu.ft per minute
Control mode: Wire control (Wireless remote can select)
Output: ۱۵۰m/min
Tank capacity: ۱L

Features: ۹۰۰W is a small-scale smoke making machine with fashion appearance.It can eject smoke automatically. The machine adopts advanced temperature control system and mirror pipe heating technology, is not easy to be blocked and with longer service life.Fog maker,great help to make lights to make more strong effects and excellent shows

Carton package:

Net Weight: 3.8kg              Gross Weight: 4.2kg
Outer Packing: 530*430*740mm(6pcs/CTN)


Cube Lighting


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