F-12 6 Angle DMX Spray Fire Machine

Model No.: F-12
Place of Origin:China
Certificate: CE&RoHS
Package: Carton
Description: The flame projector uses Liquified Petroleum Gas through the pipeline input. The Structure is very light, 65cm high for the equipment. The machine is economic and durable, ease for operation. Flame effect is like mushroom cloud and it can spray 1-3 meters. In addtion, it is compatible to DMX512 signal and can be directly controlled .A variety of theatrical effects can be created.
Application: It is available for small to medium live concerts, TV studios, road shows, mobile DJ, clubs.

F-12 6 Angle DMX Spray Fire Machine

Power supply: AC100-240V, 50-60Hz

Power consumption: ۲۰۰W

Spray high: ۱-۳m

Spray time: ۲-۳m
Gas: special gas can spray more or less 400 times
Control: switch or DMX512
Installation: at least 1.5m from inflammable substance professional stage equipment ;strong vision by sprayed fire ; create original &hot firework world


This machine is naked light products, please put the installed in diameter greater than 6 meters, the space height more than 8 meters without any flammable objects on the place.
Choose the right place, the machine was good, nozzle must be upward.
The bottled gas on the body inside.
Then just by turning on the power supply, spray fire time please, no more than 2 seconds.

Carton package:
Dimension: 615*300*285mm
N.W: 7.9kg       G.W: 9kg

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