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  • مانیتور اجرای زنده DVX DM15 TH

    DVX DM TH series caters for the needs of the most demanding stage professionals thanks to premium components, newly designed phase plugs, advanced signal processing featuring FIR filters, a rotatable frontal panel allowing to change the internal disposition of the acoustic components.

  • مانیتور اجرای زنده DVX DM28

  • مانیتور اجرای زنده DVX DM15

    The DVX DM15 is a low-profile stage monitor. Unobtrusive yet very muscular, it is designed for sound reinforcement applications that require powerful low-end performance without added subwoofers. It sports a high-performance 15“ neodymium woofer and a 1.4“ neodymium compression driver, coupled to an aluminum“ CD horn.

  • مانیتور DVX DM12

    The DVX DM12 is an active bi-amped stage monitor. Powerful, assertive, and engineered for professional applications, it is the perfect choice for midsized to large stages.