db Systems

مشاهده همه 5 نتیجه

  • باند پسیو DB مدل DVX P12

    Passive Speaker 12″ / 1.4″ 1000 Watt

  • باند پسیو DB مدل DVX P15

    Passive Speaker 15″ / 1.4″ 1000 Watt

  • باند پسیو DB مدل DVX P215

    DVX P215 is a powerful 2-way passive speaker whose plywood cabinet has been designed to render speech contents, background and any other kind of music in medium to large sized rooms, giving more prominence to the lowest part of frequency range, thanks to the pair of 15” woofers, the increased volume compared with the single 15” woofer model DVX P15 and the acoustic design of the enclosure.

  • باند پسیو DVX D15 HP

    A two-way system featuring 15“/1.4“ speakers, the DVX D15 HP is the enclosure of choice for use as a fullrange FOH speaker or a powerful drum monitor.

  • باند پسیو DVX D12 HP

    Configured as a classic 12“/1.4“ 2-way system, the DVX D12 HP is a compact, astonishingly light enclosure offering very flexible application options. Its integrated, high-performance digipro G2 digital power amp delivers exceedingly dynamic response, crisp and tight low end, and tremendous sound pressure.