مشاهده همه 16 نتیجه

  • DMX Operator II

    An affordable solution for controlling DMX products Control up to 192 DMX channels

  • DMX Operator I

  • ADJ MX 1400 DSP

  • ADJ TT Recorder

    Have you ever wondered how to get your old vinyl collection transferred to MP3 format?

    Well, wonder no more! The American Audio TT Record turntable is an easy-to-use solution to record your vinyl records to MP3 format with ease by a push of a button. No software programs to learn; No technical experience is needed; record directly to a USB memory stick. The TT Record transfers analog recordings to 128 kbps MP3 files

  • ADJ Q-D6

  • QD5


    Professional scratch DJ, DJ Skilz helped American Audio design this 2-channel, feature packed scratch mixer. The Q-D5MKII features a rugged, long life Optical Fader built to handle the treacherous strain and ware scratch DJs put on crossfaders. The crossfader was factory tested for over 1 million crossfades back-and-forth and never quit working! Other featues include, Rotary Kills, crossfader curve adjustment and balanced XLR outputs.

  • ADJ Q-SD Recorder

    The American Audio Q-SD REC is the perfect combination of a DJ mixer, a SD-Card Player and a recording unit. Everything the DJ of today needs, built in one unit.

  • ADJ Encore 2000

    The Encore 2000 from American DJ is going to give you an affordable, all-in-one combo that makes it easier for DJs to stay organized and professional. The Dual CD/MP3 Player, 2-Channel audio mixer, and MIDI controller will allow you to be a true professional.

  • ADJ MXR 14

    The 14 MXR is a 4-Channel MIDILOG™ Mixer with Midi/Analog control, built-in DSP D-Core Sound Card with 4-In/4-Out audio interface, Balanced XLR Outputs, MIDI Navigation Controls and user assignable control buttons to make it easy to customize and play your music.

  • ADJ Q-D1 PRO

    MP3/USB/XFader/ 2Phono,2Lines,1Mic Input

  • ADJ

    ADJ VMS-4-1

    The VMS4.1 is designed for performance minded DJs looking for a solid, all-in-one Midi Controller to play MP3 tracks from their laptop, plus have the option to add CD Players and turntables to the mix.

  • ADJ Radius-3000

    پلیر حرفه ای Radius-3000 1. قابلیت نصب و پخش موزیک از درگاه USB و هارد اکسترنال و CD و MP3 و WAV 2. اسکراچ حرفه ای با قابلیت تبدیل شدن به پرکاشن 3. حافظه مناسب جهت گرفتن LOOP در حالت اتوماتیک و هوشمند 4. بانک Sample 5…

  • هدفون ADJ HP-700

    هدفون قدرتمند ADJ با امپدانس 64 اهم و حداکثر حساسیت 107 دسیبل و کابل سه متری

  • هدفون ADJ HP-550

    ADJ’s Hp 550 Headphones are comfortable and high powered. They were designed with you in mind with the compact design that makes them easier to fold up and travel to where ever you may decide to go.

  • هدفون ADJ ETR-1000

    هدفون آمریکن آدیو DJ اصل 2500mW توان و امپدانس 32 اهم

  • هدفون ADJ HP200

    – دارای عملکرد بسیار عالی  و کیفیت مطلوب – امپدانس: 32 اهم – حساسیت: 3-108 دسیبل – نوع اتصال جک 3.5mm استریو