کارت صدا فوکوسرایت Focusrite Clarett 8Pre X


8-channel Microphone Preamplifier/Audio Interface, 24-bit/192kHz, with Thunderbolt/ADAT Connectivity, and Included Plug-ins – Mac


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کارت صدا فوکوسرایت Focusrite Clarett 8Pre X


نوع اتصال به کامپیوتر Thunderbolt
نوع کارت صدا کارت صدا اکسترنال رک
ورودی و خروجی همزمان 26×28
نرخ نمونه برداری 24bit/96kHz
تعداد ورودی آنالوگ 8
نوع ورودی آنالوگ 10x 1/4″, 8x XLR
تعداد خروجی آنالوگ 10
نوع خروجی آنالوگ 10x 1/4″
تعداد ورودی دیجیتال 18
نوع ورودی دیجیتال 2x Optical, 1x Coax
تعداد خروجی دیجیتال 18
نوع خروجی دیجیتال 2x Optical, 1x Coax
تعداد ورودی میکروفن (پری امپ) 8
فانتوم پاور دارد
ورودی و خروجی میدی دارد
  • New Clarett preamps model the classic ISA design
  • Mic Pre EIN = -128dB
  • World class dynamic range: 118dB A/D and 119dB D/A
  • Latest Thunderbolt technology ensures extra low round trip latency
  • 24bit, 192kHz sample rates
  • Flagship Clarett 8PreX designed for permanent professional studio install
  • New 64-bit AAX, AU and VST compatible Red 2 and Red 3 Plug-in Suite
  • Detailed metering
  • All expandable over ADAT
  • Includes MIDI I/O
  • Eight Clarett mic preamps with Air Effect
  • Accurate digital conversion and sync
  • Expanded I/O for big tracking sessions
  • Accessible metering and monitoring
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use software mixer
  • Record and monitor in real time with your favorite DAW plug-ins
  • Create custom monitor setups for both you and your artists
  • Includes Focusrite’s Classic Red 2/Red 3 plug-in suite
  • Eight newly designed Clarett mic preamps
  • Copious headroom, vanishingly low noise
  • Focusrite’s proprietary Air feature
  • Focusrite’s class-leading 24/192 conversion
  • Up to 119dB of dynamic range
  • Word clock I/O master/slave functionality
  • Eight analog inputs, 10 analog outputs
  • Stereo SPDIF, 16 channels of ADAT I/O
  • Two front-panel Hi-Z instrument inputs
  • 6-segment, multichannel LED meter
  • Monitor level control, plus dim and mute buttons
  • Two wide-dynamic-range front-panel headphone outs
  • Makes short work of configuring your monitoring and routing
  • Traditional mixer workflow
  • Quick access to internal hardware functions


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